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Rihanna is on top of the music charts these days with her smash hit record “Good Girl Gone Bad” (which we LOVE!) but it turns out life wasn’t always so sunny for the Barbadian beauty. Rihanna opened up to British rag, The Sun and candidly revealed that before she was recording hits, she was caught in between her parents incessant feuding over her father’s crack cocaine habit.

Rihanna told the paper, “I knew that my mom and dad would argue when there was foil paper with an ashtray. He would just go into the bathroom all the time. I didn’t know what it was. But he knew that to get closer to his kids he had to cut that out. And he did.

“My mom raised me to be a child and know my place but also to think like a woman. She never held back from me in terms of being too young to know certain things, so I am very mature for my age.

“In this business you have to work with the things that get thrown your way — the good, the bad and the ugly.

“My family keeps my feet on the ground so I don’t get too ahead of myself.”

Work it out Ree-ree! Talk about a positive role model that always keeps it real and just happens to look absolutely stunning as well. Some bad girls have all the luck!

Click link to vsit site if you would like to see it for  yourself


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  1. This is the webmaster pleae feel free to leave a comment on this story. Despite the fact that this is old news to most die hard fans it is not die hard news to new Rihanna that joined the budding club since her huge new hit song “umbrella” featuring Jay-z

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