Rihanna wanted to cancel the concert in Serbia

Rihanna wanted to cancel the concert in Serbia

Posted on 26 Nov 2007 – Published Articles
We will remember Rihanna’s concert at “Belgrade Arena” for her great performance, but also for many organizational mistakes spoiling an overall impression. The concert was two hours late because of the crack of the safety fence in front of the stage. The safety of the audience was seriously threatened and there was also the possibility of the cancellation of the concert. The concert was shorter than it was planned and press photographs were net allowed to take pictures of the singer from Barbados, because she was not satisfied with her look. “As it had been previously arranged with Rihanna’s manager, the safety fence was supposed to be put two and a half meters away from the stage. However, after the entrance was opened at 6 p.m., children rushed in and started pushing each other, cracking the fence in the middle, making it impossible to fix the problem right away. It was partly our mistake that the security did not react in an appropriate way and the situation got out of hand. Rihanna’s managers insisted on safety of the audience and said that the concert would not be held until the problem was solved. Therefore, the concert was two hours late and it started at 22.20. instead of at 20.30”, Maja Koen, a production director of “Sky Music”, said for “Blic”, adding: “The children are very difficult to control. The only solution to the problem was to move the visitors from stalls to the grandstands in order to reduce the number of people. You won’t believe this, but girls from the first row cried when we told them that they had to move.”

The same problem with the safety fence also arose at “50 Cent” concert last year, also organized by “Sky Music”. Maja Koen says that that they did not have so much experience with organization of the big concerts at the time and that the audience was very aggressive.
“This time we reinforced safety measures. Nevertheless, the same thing happened again.”
The audience at “Arena” was dissatisfied due to the delay of the concert. When organizers asked the visitors from the stalls to move to the grandstands, the audience loudly protested, reaching climax when one of Rihanna’s technicians said that the concert would be stopped if they did not move from the stalls. The audience was also irritated by light turned on at “Arena” throughout the concert.
When asked if there was a possibility of cancellation of the concert, Maja Koen answered: “No, the concert couldn’t have been cancelled, but perhaps postponed. Rihanna’s managers were very impatient and great tension was present. We were not in a situation to negotiate, we had to accept there demands. For security reasons, light was turned on and press photographs and cameramen were not allowed to take pictures of the singer. However, from the moment Rihanna arrived in Belgrade, it was obvious that she did not want to be shot, because she was tired and was not satisfied with her look”, Maja Koen said.

The spoiled star from Barbados sang at “Arena” for only one hour and twenty minutes, although it had previously been announced that she would sing at least 90 minutes. According to Maja Koen, the concert was shorter because the bassist did not feel well. After the greatest concert on her tour, Rihanna was delighted with the reactions from the audience and repeated several times: “I can’t wait to come to Belgrade again. I have never had such an incredible atmosphere at my concerts.”

All day at “Arena” Rihanna spent all Saturday at “Arena”, she didn’t even go to the hotel. Although organizers arranged sightseeing and lunch for her on one of the popular rafts, she wasn’t interested. After the concert she went to the “Hyatt” hotel and yesterday morning flew to Berlin, where she performs tonight.

Children delighted with the concert A nineteen-old singer had a short, but magnificent concert at the crowded “Arena”. There was an incredible atmosphere starting with the first song and teenagers (twelve to fifteen years old) sang every single song in chorus. The singer has proved that she sounds incredible live. The total chaos ensued with her ballad “Unfaithful“, but the atmosphere reached the climax with the hit “Umbrella”. “I apologize for the problems. I will always remember this concert. I love you,” Rihanna shouted at the end of the concert.

More videos from the concert here, here and here. Thank you Nina for the coverage.

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