New Rihanna cancelation info

she canceled because she had a doctors note saying she couldn’t perform because she was sick (and she performed excenlently in sheffield with a sore throat)

rihanna can’t control who performs or not….that’s up to the management of both artists and the management of the location geniuses
and lastly she isn’t opening up for ciara to who said it ciara is opening up for her.

rihanna has alot of fans even tho you haters wanna think she doesn’t….we don’t come on this site because we have ACTUAL lives and don’t spend all our time hating on a BLACK WOMAN who’s becoming a success. and btw good girl gone bad went plat,don’t believe me then check billboard and rihanna is getting great concert reviews around the chart and is nominated for 6 grammies and not just for umbrella either.she also has the title of being tied with whitney houston for the biggest song on the charts (umbrella was on their for 10 weeks).
im done with straighting this mess out…you can leave your hypocritical and uneducated comments at the beep. *beep*
“get it straight before ya’ll hate.”


(a rihanna fan sets the record straight)

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